Online Casino 918Kiss Malaysia

Various players are there in the online casino game industry in the region of Asia. If you are wondering which online Casino brand is popular in Asia, then it is no other than 918Kiss. The Online Casino brand is based in Malaysia, but it also provides operations in Singapore and Thailand. The previous name of 918Kiss is SCG888 that was rebranded and gained popularity. Many players of casino games have been congregating on the mobile app because of many things. These things make the online casino 918kiss the best among other casino games all around the world.

This is an informative article that enables you to learn everything about the 918Kiss online casino game. The article also tells you why people in the world love it a lot.

About 981Kiss Online Casino Malaysia

981Kiss is the online and mobile app-based casino that enables the users to use it through a mobile application on various devices like iOS and Android. The app was initially known as SCR888 and later on, it was rebranded to 918Kiss. 918Kiss was the name that was more appealing and attractive to many players or gamblers than the older name.

Features of 918Kisss

Some of the important features of 918Kiss Malaysia are given below:

a) Wide range of Games

The main reasons that enable the gamblers to love this app are that 918Kiss offers an amazing variety of games that makes it easy to choose the game of his/her own interest. It is an easy way to select the best online casino game among a variety of options.

When users download the mobile app and then signup, then they will be greeted with an amazing variety of games in various categories. Some of the categories that are browsed by the users are racing games, live table games, slots, and fishing games, etc. These games have been made by various developers in the online casino industry. These games are developed by Real Time Gaming and spade Gaming.

Whenever you deal with the online casino that is developed by popular game developers, then you should always be assured to get a reliable experience with that casino.

If you are looking for the popular games available on 918Kiss, then you don’t need to worry about it. Some games available are Dragon Tiger, Belankai, Roulette Euro, Roulette 73, Roulette 12, Roulette 24, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Caribbean Poker, Lucky Cups, Hulu Cock, Poker three, Sedie, Spade Gaming, WOW Prosperity by Spade Gaming, ShangHai by Spade Gaming, Ming Dynasty by spade Gaming, Zeus, etc.

All of the above games can easily be played on both personal computers and mobile devices. You need to choose which is a more convenient method to play these interesting games.

b) Reliable and fantastic customer support

The customer support offered by 918Kiss is available 24/7 and it is always ready to answer any of your queries instantly. The customer support service is an easy way for the customer to provide their feedback about the gaming experience. It also provides the answer to any important query from experts and professionals. As in a casino, there are many people that encourage bringing valuable support services to newbies, so customers get on-time customer service. All of the queries of the customers are answered in time and with a reliable solution. To contact customer support of 918Kiss, you can also use Whatsapp and telegram link of the official website from a mobile device.

How to download the 918Kiss app on PC and phone?

As we discussed earlier, 918Kiss is the best mobile app and online casino that is used on mobile devices. But it can also be used on PCs by many users to play all of the above games.

However, when you are playing online casino via Android or iOS devices, then games are smoother. The reason behind it is that these games are designed especially for mobile devices only.

The method to download and install 918Kiss for various devices are given below:

a) 918Kiss for iOS devices

918Kiss casino Malaysia comes in two versions for an iOS mobile app. One of the versions of 918Kiss is only for older iPhones like iPhone 5 or below.

The 2nd version of 918Kiss is for newer phone versions like iPhone or above. The 2nd version was done to enable the app to run effectively that was not run on the older processor of the iPhone. The older iPhone processors were not so powerful as that of the latest one.

If you want to download the iOS app, then click here. Choose the version which is perfectly matched with your iPhone version. After downloading the file on your iPhone device, you will need to trust the 918Kiss app in setting the option to run it safely.

Special note

Note that this app is not available in the official app store. So, it is recommended to never trust any app with the name 918Kiss app from the application store.

b) 918Kiss Casino app for Android

Android is an open-source platform. It is the platform that enables the user to easily install the 918Kiss app as compared to iOS. This app supports each version of Android.

If you want to install the app, you need to download the APK file of the version and then click on the install button.

You will need to follow all of the instructions to install the app on android phones. To install the app, first, you need to “Accept Apps from Untrusted Sources” and then install it. Without this acceptance, you would never install this app on your device.

Special note

The android app is usually not available on the Google Play Store. So, never download the app that claims to download the 918Kiss app from Google play store. It is so because this app will provide different features than 918Kiss. Many developers use some tricks to steal the user data after you signed up and may get traffic on websites.

c) 918Kiss app for PC

No official PC app for the 918Kiss Casino app is available. You can easily run the APK file of 918Kiss n pc. It is only possible when you install the “Android emulator” first on your PC.

BlueStacks is one of the Android emulators that provide an instant download option. Simply download as well as install Blue stack on your PC and then install it. You will see the interface on PC just like an android. From this interface, you can install the APK file by clicking on the file manager. Search the APK file location on the PC and click on the install button.

Get free-credit promotions of 918Kiss app

While signing up on the 918Kiss app as a newbie, you may get some free credits. Through this free credit, you can simply place the bet on any of your favourite games within an app.

The main advantage of a free-credit promotion on the app is that before making any deposit you can get them also. While on other online casinos, you will deposit the money first before getting any freebies on their respective websites. The free credits enable the user to use free credits and play various games before the final cash deposit.

Test ID: 918Kiss app

If anyone wants to test this app before signing up, you simply use the following criteria for test ID:

Username: test1000 ~ test 10,000

Password: 1234

Frequently Asked Questions about 918Kiss app

a) How to download 918Kiss?

You can easily download the 918Kiss app. It is a very easy and straightforward process.

·  Go to the official download page of 918Kiss app

·  Choose the app depending on your device.

·  Install it and download the app in your phone memory.

·  PC users can use the 918Kiss app by running the APK file by using any Android emulator applications like BlueStacks.

b) Is there any hack with the 918Kiss app?

Ans: One of the easiest and authorized hacks that I learn while using this app and win on it is to learn about the basic game rules before starting playing. You need to take advantage of free credits and learn the game rules. After utilizing free credit, you can begin to play casino games to earn real cash.

c) Is 918Kiss casino playable on a personal computer?

Yes, you can easily play casino games on a personal computer. You need to install 918app on your computer. Simply use Android emulators like BlueStacks and NoxPlayer. With the help of these players, you can easily install the app on a PC similar to an android device.