Review of the Da Sheng Nao Hai Fishing Slot Game and How to Play

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There is no denying that 918Kiss online casino has hundreds of games or also known as games to offer their players every day. It includes a wide variety to suit the tastes and interests of both new and veteran players. These games include slot machine games, fishing game, shooting game, baccarat games and roulette games. This game that is commonly found in real casinos is definitely a must in any online casino including 918Kiss itself.

This does not include games that have their own unique themes and designs, each of which can attract the attention of customers to try it.. Some have the theme of Chinese traditions, there are also stories about Samurai warriors and there are also stories about mystical creatures whether on land or in the sea such as dragons.

We can guarantee that you will definitely have a one-of-a-kind game that is truly for you when you successfully set foot on our casino platform either through our 918Kiss website or app..

In this article we will share with you about our interesting review of a type of game available at 918Kiss online casino which is none other than our Fishing Slot Game which is Da Sheng Nao Hai.


Do you know why this game has caught the attention of many players and subsequently made it a trending game in online casinos across Asia? Did you also know that this game is an online casino game that has been played by a huge number of players. This is the greatness that is owned by the game Da Sheng Nao Hai. This game is said to have a very high innovation value so that it can make the multiplayer concept no longer a reality but a dream that has been fulfilled.

It is this multiplayer concept that has caused it to shake up the online casino world and has attracted a new generation of casino players from all over the world. Because this game emphasizes the concept of cooperation because it has such a concept, it will create new history as it will witness the teamwork that is so necessary to reach the winning money. Because of that, this game has caused many players to try to invite their friends to win together compared to competing fiercely among themselves before, such as through poker and roulette games.. This is a significant difference that we can see through the Da Sheng Nao Hai game.

Furthermore, it is known as a stress-free and fun game. It may not be comparable to the great games of this decade like shooting games but you should remember that by playing this game you have a chance to win real money while having fun at the same time. Isn't that like drinking water while diving? This game is also a game that does not have new features but is empowered with the features of familiar and old casino games, which is to use techniques against the enemy to win.. this makes Da Sheng Nao Hai an easy to understand game.


You have to remember that in this game you are a king of the sea whose goal is to shoot as many sea creatures as possible and at the same time use a small amount of bullets. It is also necessary that the amount of ammunition that will be supplied is according to the amount of money that you deposit into the account before starting the game.

If you are an experienced and skilled player you definitely have the opportunity to get a return value 10 times in one round of this fishing game. In addition, you will also be excited with interesting visuals in addition to refreshing music and also easy to understand game mechanics. this causes this game to get a high rating among players who have used it before.

You can't miss the chance to get bonus offers in this game for example like the Welcome Bonus because this will give you the chance to win real money without even having to make a deposit. Do not hesitate and do not hesitate to ask your questions to the customer service on the right side of the screen or if you want to get more information or have any questions related to this Da Sheng Nao Hai game.


The gameplay is very simple. just like betting games at other online casinos, Da Sheng Nao Hai will give you a gift in the form of credits when you successfully defeat enemies in the ocean that are sea creatures using certain bullets. The situation here is that you are a king of the ocean who is enthroned in an area and has to defend that area from the threat of huge and terrifying marine life.. What you need to know is that each creature that passes will provide you with different credits as well. Most of the time, the sea creature that takes the most ammo to kill is the animal that will give you the biggest credit value which is a golden dragon called Da Sheng. You have the chance to destroy it by shooting together with your friends and try to get a chance to win a large and lucrative prize money..


First, we can only play based on luck when we talk about playing gambling games. But today with the multiplayer concept, all of us together with our friends can form a collaboration in mobilizing the energy of each other and create teamwork in ensuring that all sea creatures can be eradicated. In the end we will definitely get a bigger winning value through an online casino game that is easier to play, which is simple and does not require many rules to follow.

You never and need not worry at all about trying to find Da Sheng Nao Hai games in online casinos here because at 918Kiss, we have all kinds of games you want including this one too. With just the touch of your fingertips you can now have fun from home while playing with your friends online. Doesn't that sound like fun? With unlimited access, your game world can now make your dreams come true.


It is already clear that playing this game has become a form of madness among many, whether new players or old players. This is because due to the multiplayer concept applied in this game has caused many players to agree to cooperate with each other instead of competing with each other to grab significant winnings.

Don't forget to download the 918Kiss app so you can play the Da Sheng Nao Hai game anywhere. At the same time, you will no longer miss the chance to play with your friends in the pursuit of success and dream winning money. Play it on your smartphone and tablet. If you don't have an account yet, what are you waiting for. Open your account now!

Monkey King 918Kiss Slot Review and How to Play

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Reviu Slot Monkey King

The betting market in Asia is a place where many gaming products are found every year. many of these gambling games have never appeared in western-owned casinos before. This is the uniqueness of the game in the Asian region. 918Kiss online casino no exception to this greatness and superiority.

In addition, the slot game called Monkey King and created by the designer CQ9 Gaming from China has added an exclusive series of products offered by 918Kiss for you players who are comfortable playing from home. Its features that look unique and have never been seen before coupled with its ability to optimize the features available on smartphones and tablets have made this game a brand new game..



The new slot game is inspired by the legendary story of the Monkey King, which is a superhero character who is very popular in the world. With another name that is Sun Wukong, he is known as a character from a traditional Chinese story who does not know the meaning of pain and pain throughout life. Today, it has been revived through its enduring popularity in the modern pop culture of online betting.

This hero character has become the main character in the narration of this casino game. This game is a combination of two types of games which are roulette games and online slot machines. which displays 12 types of bets and plus side games that give you bonuses. like most online slot games, This game is a must for those who want to find something different.

At first glance, The game seems difficult especially when it has game features that have never been seen before. But when you try to learn it, you will also find that it is also almost the same as other popular games. The basic concept it has is the same and because of that you can understand the potential found in this unique product.

To learn more about how to play this slot game and to find out what prizes you will win from this game, You can read the full review of this game and its gameplay below.



You start the game by choosing your coin size. This game has 4 the types of coins available and you will start with 1 credit only. It can then increase in value 10, 50, and 100 credit for each coin. After you determine what type of coin you want to use, you can put it anywhere 15 place to bet in the game.

Each bet has a maximum value of 100 credit and you are only allowed to put money up to that value. The maximum value you can spend per round is 1,500 credit (100 credit x 15 bet).

15 where the bet is broken down into 5 group, four will represent each character in the game and one will represent the banker as is done in the game of Baccarat. For each of the available characters, This game gives you three types of bets to make which is red, yellow or green.

Red represents the highest bet value while yellow represents the smaller bet value and green represents the lowest bet value.. This means that if the bet value is lower then the value of your winnings is also lower.

After you press the spin button, the game will send a "light" that will move through 26 different stops. The symbols for each character and their different colors are representative 24 of the stops while two of them can lead to a fairly lucrative jackpot prize. If the spin stops with a "light" it points towards a character with their same color, you will win the corresponding winnings.

But, if you can't do it successfully, you will lose the bet money. While the "light" is still rotating, The game also actually spins a separate wheel that will determine the outcome of the banker's bet. With this way, you can still get the winning money for the bet made even if your character suffers a loss, or you can also win two winning coins at once if the "light" and the spinning wheel indicate a result that gives you luck.

Another special feature that you can see while playing this game is the double wheel that will rotate on the left side of your screen. This double wheel is filled with 7 a special type of symbol that represents various types of enemies to the Monkey King himself. If both wheels land on the same symbol on any spin, the game itself had to turn on the bonus mode which is "Battle Mode".

This "Battle Mode" looks almost the same as the bonus game that we usually see in slot machines. When you see this bonus starts, you will see the Monkey King and one of his enemies fighting causing many prizes to appear more than one. One example of his enemies like Princess Iron-Fan can offer you three bonus winnings (1 for each color) for one of the four main characters.

While, The Golden-Horned King enemy character is able to give you four winning values ​​including the green bet, red and yellow for one of your four main characters. And if you win the battle with Erlang Shen anyway, you will win all or part of the lucrative jackpot prize, depending on how many bets you place during the round session.

Many more gifts are available and they differ according to the character of the enemy that is activated through the double wheel process.



Honestly, Monkey King slot game is not an easy slot game that you can learn how to play in just a few minutes. So, if you still do not have enough experience in the world of online betting, We suggest you to try the free version of the game before you can play it with real money.

This free version of Monkey King game allows you to play this game for as long as you want, and allows you to determine how much help you want. When you have felt more confident that you have understood how this slot game works, you can then stop using the demo game and start using your real money.

You can only play Monkey King with your real money through online casino websites, including 918Kiss. You don't have to worry about the limitations and fees that will apply to your deposits and withdrawals because we want you to know that every withdrawal and deposit you make is free. (no hidden charges) and only requires that you have a validly registered account with us.



When talking about online slot machine games, we cannot avoid talking about slot games that have been cloned or limited for example to the value of the establishment, prizes and bonuses, as well as the mechanics of the game itself. But it is quite different when talking about The Monkey King game itself because you will never see any online casino game quite similar to this game.

If anything is possible it is a game that is based on the legendary character that is adapted and not on the way the game is played. In any case, finally you will never find any game that has special screen features and format features, even betting options similar to this game. Most just have 5 wheels with bonuses that are standard in value.


Conclusion to this article, In short, the Monkey King slot game is a game in the form of a hybrid between a slot machine game and a roulette game that is certainly able to attract many online casino fans from Asia or from anywhere in the world.. It is a game that offers a pretty decent win value along with five different betting spots for each round.

For, This casino game gives you more chances to win than any other online slot game. And if you get more good luck and Of course you can receive more bonuses when you can find opportunities to get bigger prizes through your bet value.

We can guarantee that you will definitely receive high and unlimited fun and excitement when you choose to play this online casino game anytime and anywhere you are because it has a game pattern that only requires you to choose effective game strategies and tips. If you are still hesitant to play this casino game.

There are many more casino games just as good and just as great as this game as you can see in the 918Kiss game catalog.

You just have to keep learning and play skillfully. Therefore, Have fun and make more profit!

How to Download 918Kiss on PC




As more and more people start using 918Kiss there will undoubtedly be some people who will feel more comfortable playing 918Kiss on PC than on their smartphone. This is not surprising as 918Kiss is one of the most popular online casinos in Malaysia and it continues to grow among the general public., and more and more people are starting to feel attracted to join it.

In general, there is no problem for you to play the games we offer at 918Kiss on your laptop or computer because today's technological sophistication allows not only you but thousands of players out there to try the games we have on mobile devices other than smartphones.

Today, we will explain about how to download 918Kiss on PC, for those who want to know how to download 918Kiss on mobile devices you can click here to know more. Without further delay, let's start this topic.

To know How to Download 918Kiss on Android and iOS Devices You You can refer to our previous article for more information.


Is Nox Player?

nox player logo 2

Nox Player is the best Android emulator available today. It is certified safe and does not have any lag or slowdown issues even after playing multiple types of apps at the same time, coupled with the free and user-friendly Nox Player. With achievements and technology that boasts Nox Player can support the keyboard, gamepad, script recorder, and many more. It is the best tool for any gamer who wants to play their favorite games on PC easily.

How to Download Nox Player?

Steps 1 : Visit

Steps 2 : Click on the download button

Steps 3 : Once installed, install the installer as shown below.

nox player download guide

Steps 4 : After the installation process is complete, you will find a shortcut appear on your desktop.

nox player icon

Steps 5 : Go to 918Kiss official website to download APK for 918Kiss, press on the Android button, for more information about 918Kiss registration please refer here.

Steps 6 : After you download the 918Kiss APK continue to “open with” Nox Player as shown in the image below.

select open with nox player

Steps 7 : You will be directly taken to the 918Kiss download page as shown below, and you can use the mouse to press the login button as you do when playing 918Kiss on your mobile device.

***Please note that you can open 918Kiss on PC if when you install Nox Player with it. Open Nox Player and you will find that the 918Kiss app is installed on the Nox Player home page.

nox player home screen display


Recognizing the fact that the comfort of the players in the 918Kiss online casino game always varies regardless of age, society, or gadgets you are interested in, we at 918Kiss management always try our best to make sure you have the same opportunity as others to have a 918Kiss account and start playing today. We don't want to waste your time or your money. We are committed to providing you with a complete guide on how to download the 918Kiss application on your PC. Now you have learned about how to download 918Kiss on your PC, we hope you enjoy playing 918Kiss on your PC while using 918Kiss Free Credit.

As a leading online casino in the Asian region and around the world, 918Kiss always strives from time to time to provide the best service to you as our valued user. Therefore, we are always by your side starting from the moment you download the game software until you want to make a withdrawal transaction from your account.

We as the leading online casino in the Asia region and around the world will work in the future to ensure that you can use these features faster and better.. Meanwhile, enjoy playing with us and get as much profit as possible with the tips and strategies that we have provided before. You can also try 918Kiss without making a deposit by just logging in through Free Test ID 918Kiss.

918Kiss online casino is widely known especially in the Asian continent as a simple casino platform, popular and profitable. Not only that it has high popularity among players, it also always gives great rewards to the players in the form of bonuses, promotion, Free credits and exciting prizes. is part of the legitimate website used for this purpose where players can make deposits, play and make withdrawals easily and safely.

Which Online 918Kiss Slot Has the Highest Winning Returns

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The world of betting and gaming is huge and rapidly evolving, no doubt you have a hard time choosing which game really suits your personality and situation at the moment. regardless of real casino or online casino, each of them has different games and also has its own uniqueness. including for 918Kiss online casino, it also has its own number of games and is reserved for users like you.

It is certain that when you want to make a bet there is a must choose a game that is better than the rest and it is better when it is a game that is the latest trend. With various types of games released every year through dozens of publishing companies, no doubt you will have a big problem to choose the right game in a short time. Even though, is it profitable enough?

If you are reading this article, we are sure that you must be wondering which slot games available on the website and app owned by 918Kiss can give you the highest winning returns. Or even, you may be a new user who has just set foot in this leading online casino in Asia and is still looking for directions and opportunities to maximize the value of the bets you are about to make. But the more important question is that these two groups must think about how to develop profits and at the same time reduce the risk of failure.


Did you know that the "payout" system, also known as accident returns, is one of the main features of any casino in the world, including online casinos?. Many new users must be confused about What is the real meaning behind the word. Does this mean the money back you will receive? Or it refers and deposit money that you should do first? The answer is not at all.

The real meaning behind this 'payout' system is that the available winnings will be received based on the value of the bet you have placed before the game session begins. It is very important for you to know the meaning behind this word because when you are faced with games that have different payout values, It will certainly be confusing to choose which engine will give you the highest returns.

Therefore, you can fully understand here that the game that offers the highest value will definitely give you the highest winning prize compared to other games.. You may be wondering if the game can provide a payout value with a percentage 100%? The answer is no. This can be illustrated through an example where you bet RM1 for your game. The casino will usually take 5 sen (5%) as profit while 95 The other cents have the opportunity to be returned later.

In short, the more you know about this payout system. the more chances you have to win any of the prizes and winnings offered through games on websites and apps owned by 918Kiss. It is very important that you pay attention and also the payout ratio when compared to the profit value that you will give to the casino. This should be done before you start playing. This will help you to experience bigger and profitable wins.


Did you know that most of the slot games available at 918Kiss have the highest payout percentages ever given to players compared to other online casino casinos?. But it doesn't mean that you will get paid on a regular scale. Before this, slot games that have the highest payout percentage values ​​will usually do that less often.

Therefore, you have to rely entirely on your way of thinking and how you make decisions when you want to choose which slot game is really right for you. You must be wise in using the information you already have and based on the experience you have so that you can make the right choice.

On web pages and applications owned by 918Kiss, The games owned by him often have payout percentage values ​​in between 75 so that 95 percent. You may have come across this kind of game when you were looking for your favorite game at 918Kiss. These games include Aladdin Hand of Midas, Dragon Ball Reels, Eight Immortals, Dragon King, Lucky Panda, Jade Empire, League of Champions, and Hot Volcano and many more. There are actually online casinos that offer games that have as much payout 100 percent but it was not done by the management of 918Kiss.


We are excited to share with you our suggestions and recommendations based on our analysis of the games we have collected in the 918Kiss game catalog. This game recommendation is specifically intended for those who are looking for a game that has the highest payout percentage value so that you as a user can maximize profits and at the same time focus on your enjoyment while playing. This is our main goal so that you as a customer feel completely satisfied with our treatment and service. What are you waiting for?? Let's see one by one the games that we will recommend for you :

Game Slot 1 – Gong Xi Fa Cai

This slot machine game named Gong Xi Fa Cai has 50 reel then 25 paylines. This game has a command button placed on the reels so that you can easily choose what your next bet value will be.

Very interesting for you, This game is a game that has a payout percentage value of 95% which this value exceeds any payout value that is owned by most existing games. In addition, This Gong Xi Fa Cai slot game offers additional golden opportunities for you to be able to win bonuses on some selected paylines..

Game Slot 2 – Reels of Fortunes

This slot machine game called Reels of Fortunes also gives you a great chance to win a big prize. This game has the highest payout percentage value among other games also because the value is at the level 95%. This means that you can easily bet as much as possible to get bigger winnings too. Isn't it really fun.

Not only that, This Reels of Fortunes slot game also has a design and graphics that are enough to attract the attention of any player. The background color is red, which definitely represents the profit and luxury that you will soon have. You also see the symbols used in the payline are selected based on the carvings of gold items that are quite valuable. This in turn raises the prestige of this game as a game with quite a luxurious return.

Game Slot 3 – Cleopatra

Not forgotten, This Cleopatra slot game will certainly not make you forget about the last Pharaoh who was also a powerful woman in the Egyptian civilization once upon a time.. Your guess is not wrong because indeed this slot game features the theme behind the empire and luxury that Cleopatra had throughout her life. Interestingly, This slot game is a game that is quite popular and famous because not only as it has been said about the game environment that is quite exciting, in fact, it also offers quite lucrative payouts to players from the first moment you start a game session.

With music and rhythm in the game that immerses you in the life of Ancient Egypt, you will also be more satisfied with the additional spin offer that will undoubtedly increase your chances of making a satisfying profit. These features are rarely found in any game owned by 918Kiss, not to mention what other online casino games have.


Everyone knows that online slot machine games are very popular among players from the Asian Continent, Europe and more. This is because it is easy to play and the gameplay is also very easy to understand. In addition to having design and graphic features that are attractive and pleasing to the eye. It may also have a higher payout percentage value system than any other game.

It is up to you to do your own research and research to find out what other games have the highest payout value. You should also do the research by understanding the profit ratio that you should give to the casino when you want to make a bet before starting to play. This is important when you become a professional player later so that you can maximize the profits received.

Apart from the slot game Gong Xi Fa Cai, Reels of Fortunes dan Cleopatra, there are many other slot games that have payout values ​​almost as high as these games if you have less interest in trying these three games first. Its okay, you try it first and then you tell us what is lacking. Our customer service team is ready to receive suggestions and advice from you at any time. Apart from the games mentioned you can also try best games on 918kiss.

We hope that you can have fun while playing at 918Kiss by playing games that are sure to be quite profitable and make you happy. Hundreds of game choices are presented, there is sure to be one that really fits and matches you.

Meanwhile, we will continue to try to help you find the right game for you until you find it. Take your time and join us if you haven't opened an account at 918Kiss now or try with Test ID 918kiss

How To Download 918Kiss




You must have heard of 918Kiss online casino when you came across this article. Over the past year, 918Kiss has managed to become one of the leading online casinos in the region. Many studies show that the 918Kiss online casino is now the a casino that deserves to grow in Asia until today. Many of his players will also say such things when asked. The reviews given for 918Kiss are also mostly well written and positive where they praise the greatness of this online casino..

Among the factors is the quality of the game he has, the design of the casino it has and many other reasons. You will definitely be interested to have this online casino in your pocket, not? Because of that, in this article, we will explain to you how to download 918Kiss on your smartphone, no matter Android or iOS, through a step-by-step guide, so that you understand the process.

This whole download process is easy and takes less than 3 minutes to finish. We want you to know that how to download the APK of 918Kiss on iOS and Android is almost the same, however there are some things that are quite different.

Before starting this article, don't forget to know ways Register a 918Kiss Account in our article here.


Steps 1: You need to go to 918Kiss official download site or continue downloading with the button below [for Android and iOS]

Click Here

Steps 2: You will see a 918kiss download button like the picture below. Please press the button.

Steps 3 : you will see 3 button as shown below, Please follow the following instructions “**

918kiss download button for ios and android

** For Android please press green button

** For more iPhone 5s please press red button

** For iPhone less than iPhone 5 please press orange button

For Android

Steps 4: Your Android phone will show certain notifications, just continue by pressing “OK“. If your phone does not issue such a notification, please ignore this step and proceed to the next step.

918kiss download android

Steps 5: Push Button Install as shown in the image below and surely your smartphone will start downloading the APK of 918Kiss.

918kiss android download process

for iPhones

Steps 3: Your iPhone will show a notification as shown below, continue by pressing “Cancel”.

iphone download process for 918kiss

Steps 5: Continue to “Settings” > “General” > “All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd” > “Trust” to allow iPhone to play 918Kiss.

iphone download process for 918kiss 2

918kiss icon

Steps 6: You should find that the 918Kiss app is on your homescreen where it will look like the image below [Top Image], continue by pressing the application and you will find that you will be on the 918Kiss download page as shown in the image below [Bottom Image]. [for Android and iOS]

918kiss login page

Steps 7: Log in by putting the Username and Password given to you and you can start playing at 918Kiss.


That's how to download the 918Kiss application for Android and iOS. Start playing to get free credits and winnings on the online casino platform by opening a 918Kiss account via the download link provided later on the download page.

With the presence of 918Kiss as an online casino of high caliber and influence in Southeast Asia, you can now play your favorite slot games very easily. With today's technological sophistication, you just only download the Android or iOS version of the 918Kiss app, depending on your gadget.

Now you have downloaded 918Kiss, do not forget to claim free 918Kiss credit You are here, you can always use Test ID 918Kiss to play with unlimited credit and practice until you feel confident to make a deposit, if you still face problems related to 918Kiss download please don't hesitate to contact our working customer service 24/7 on the bottom right side of your screen, we here at 918Kiss Malaysia hope that you have a satisfying experience throughout your stay at 918Kiss.

Therefore, safely download and install the 918Kiss APK application on your gadgets! Don't miss this opportunity and do it now.

918Kiss online casino is widely known especially in the Asian continent as a simple casino platform, popular and profitable. Not only that it has high popularity among players, it also always gives great rewards to the players in the form of bonuses, promotion, Free credits and exciting prizes. is part of the legitimate website used for this purpose where players can make deposits, play and make withdrawals easily and safely.

918Kiss Terms and Conditions



  • The statements that have been stated and outlined below constitute an agreement between 918Kiss with its customers.
  • By registering through 918Kiss, you fully agree and accept the statements that will be explained.
  • By accessing the 918Kiss website by registering through our site to participate in any of the interactive online games (referred to as the 'Game'), you fully agree to comply with the terms and conditions that have been determined (referred to as 'Terma'). please read carefully and make sure that only you have access to the games on this website if you have fully understood the agreement and agree to be a party to the agreement with us
  • Customers must be at least 2 years old 18 years to be able to carry out the betting process. 918Kiss reserves the right to obtain valid proof of the age of their customers and reserves the right to suspend their accounts until sufficient relevant documents can be provided..
  • It is the user's responsibility to ensure that usernames and security information remain confidential at all times. If any customer suspects that the matter has been tampered with, you should inform us as soon as possible. Any transaction made using your username is entirely under your responsibility as a user.
  • The user is responsible not to cancel or change the value of the bet if the bet has already been made and consumed by themselves.
  • 918Kiss has the full right to cancel any or all bets placed by individual users or group users who act with fraudulent intent.. If there is evidence that such bets were made, 918Kiss will not hesitate to cancel the bets and suspend the accounts of the users involved.
  • 918Kiss Has the full right to cancel your account at any time or at our discretion whenever you have placed a bet value with the purpose of committing fraud against 918Kiss OR it has been done through a contract with a third party or any syndicate with the purpose of increasing or maximize the winning rate in your Game. Besides that, We also reserve the right to suspend all winnings, including the value of the winnings, if it is found that there are any individuals involved in these activities.
  • 918Kiss strictly prohibits the creation of false identities and for fraudulent purposes and you agree that you will not create an account with us for anyone other than yourself.
  • To maintain and maintain a high security system in protecting the money you deposit with us, we will perform regular and random security checks and will keep a record of all transactions and bet values ​​that you have made. You accept that we may request additional documentation to verify that you are the account holder during the security check process
  • If any of your personal account information or any of your financial information related to your account is found to be inaccurate, you should inform us as soon as possible, This is because failure to do so can cause your transaction to be rejected by your financial institution. We will not accept any liability or responsibility for the transaction of the transaction, because it is the result of misplaced information that you yourself failed to inform us of the information that should be changed and corrected.
  • The language used in delivering these Terms and Conditions is Malay. Although as many steps have been taken in maintaining the meaning of the Terms and Conditions that have been explained during the translation process, whenever there is any contradiction or misunderstanding regarding any of the statements that have been mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, only the English version is accepted as valid.
  • 918Kiss does not at all allow any customer to open more than one account. Any customer found to be doing so will have their accounts suspended.
  • Registration of more than one account using falsified personal information, if detected, will result in complete suspension of access to your game account. 918Kiss has the full right to terminate any winnings that have been credited to you as a user and your account will be permanently frozen..
  • Each of the bonuses, promotions and/or special offers held are subject to their specific terms. Players agree to read and fully understand the terms involved and associated with each bonus they have taken. 918Kiss is able to cancel any special offer or promotion in progress at any time.
  • Before giving or endorsing any manufacturer, 918Kiss reserves the right to request from customers to provide proof of their personal identity, such as the Citizen Identity Card, front and back of credit/debit card, Passport, Driver's License or recent bank statement or any other relevant document to 918Kiss in the circumstances determined to be appropriate. if you fail to Comply with any of the security measures that have been covered, 918Kiss has the full right to cancel any or all winnings your account has made.
  • These Terms and Conditions are part of the General Terms and Conditions owned by 918Kiss.
  • These Terms and Conditions will cover all types of communication including via email, chat or a phone call

General Terms And Conditions For Promotional Purposes Only


  • All promotional offers are limited to one per person, family, home address, email address, Home telephone number, same payment account, shared computer (for school, library or office) and IP address.
  • Most of our promotions have rollover requirements. This means that users must meet the rollover requirements before any withdrawal can be made successfully.
  • Kategori game Ocean King, kategori kasino, the multiplayer game category is not allowed to carry out the betting process, If it is found that any such act has been done by the players, We will not hesitate to reduce the bonus or any winnings associated with the bonus received by the user's account.
  • Any increase made on 2 different opposite sides, or Roulette bets made more than 28 times will not count as meeting the rollover requirement.
  • 918Kiss reserves the right to cancel any bonus eligibility, the value and amount of bonuses and any bonuses related to winnings owned by any user or group of users following suspected betting patterns and resulting in guaranteed profits and/or guaranteed bonus eligibility.
  • In case of bonus abuse, 918Kiss parties have the full right to reduce the value of the bonus and any winnings associated with the user's account.
  • Promotional Misuse Actions include, but not limited to: The same or suspected betting pattern where it can be detected on one or more accounts at the same time; The act of placing a bet value that exceeds the reasonable value or exceeds the frequency value in a short time when compared to other betting patterns.
  • 918Kiss will not be responsible if the user provides inaccurate or incomplete information that may lead to failure or delay in receipt of prizes or lucky draw winnings..
  • 918Kiss reserves the right to change, cancel, withdraw or refuse any promotion at our discretion.
  • All decisions taken by management is final.

918Kiss Online Slots Review




It is well known that slot games in agriculture are the most popular type of games in any online casino around the world. This is no exception for casino 918Kiss Alone, where the donation is the main goal for this casino.

If you first have to queue and wait for other people who want to use the slot game before you, This time you can forget about the real casino experience with the presence of online slot games on the website and app owned by 918Kiss. There are many benefits and advantages that you will receive with this new feature.



Thanks to the power of advanced technology that exists in this day and age, you no longer have to bother with a certain dress code and have to drive to a real casino just to play slot games. Interestingly, from the comfort of your own home, you can play all the time wherever you are as long as you have a complete and sufficient internet connection on your gadget like a smartphone, laptop, smart tv, etc.

Coupled with slot games that are easy to understand and play by any player, This will certainly add to the pleasure you will receive later. However, the question is whether this online game at 918Kiss is suitable for you as a player? Answer this question, let's see the explanation that will be presented below :



do you know, there are many slot games provided by the casino management to ensure that you always stay entertained and not bored while on their website or application. We are not talking about numbers in tens only, But It also includes hundreds of online slot games owned by 918Kiss through its own quality verification process.

In short, The many games here are not only measured through quantity but through quality aspects as well. What is the goal of the casino management is so that you do not feel bored quickly and you will have There are so many online slot options that you should try at 918kiss in fulfilling your game days.

Examples of popular online slot games at 918Kiss are as follows Da Sheng Nao Hai, Silent Samurai, Battle World, Fortune Panda and many more sonline lot with a high win rate percentage . These games are always the talk of the town among players because of the ease with which they can earn high winnings compared to other regular games.. But don't forget, You should try for yourself which game suits your taste because every player definitely has certain interests.

Additional, you must be pleased to know that the online slot games available at 918Kiss are not the only ones currently available, but it will always increase based on certain times. More slot games provided, more fun awaits you. You just need to always remember to update the application version of your 918Kiss online casino so that you stay in touch with any improvements from the game management.



Another thing that is the main attraction for players in visiting this website or application owned by 918Kiss is the bonus offer and free credits that are available all the time.. We know and realize that you really like bonuses because they will give you moral support and motivation to keep playing and making as much profit as you can..

Our goal is to always provide 918kiss bonus offers continuously not only so that old players can stay with us and continue to play but also new players can feel attracted to start their first career journey at 918Kiss.

For your information, among the offers provided by us are like Welcome Bonus or Welcome Bonus which is given to new players who have done official account registration. Not less than that, There are also Referral Bonuses or Referral Bonus which is available for any player who can refer new players to register their account at 918Kiss online betting casino. This bonus will definitely benefit veteran and seasoned players who have been making money on the 918Kiss website and app for a long time as they can invite their friends and family members to join in on the fun..


The conclusion, The online slot games provided on the 918Kiss Casino website and app are of high quality and also have many attractive offers for players.. This is what proves why 918Kiss always remains relevant among players whether new players or old players because they care about the quality and quantity of available slot games. The quality of this slot game is usually determined by the winning rate, the design and concept of the story that underlies a game while the quantity refers more to the number of slot games themselves in a platform. In the same time, 918Kiss also has a variety of bonuses and free credit offer to players who play their slot games with the hope of providing long-lasting excitement and enthusiasm. The main goal of playing is not to make a profit, but to have fun and release stress.

5 The Best Game You Should Try At 918kiss

game 918kiss


5 The Best Game You Should Try At 918Kiss

We expect that you definitely expect the best from what South East Asia's leading online casino, 918Kiss, has to offer.. Not only in Malaysia, even in other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, 918Kiss website and app is well known as the best place for players regardless of age and community.

This is because the management of 918Kiss always prioritizes many things in ensuring user satisfaction is always preserved. Among other things is like interesting game design, functioning security system 24/7 and also friendly customer service.

However, The most important aspect that needs to be emphasized by the management is the quality and quantity of games available at 918Kiss. This is because, without games, will not be the real attraction on the website and application owned by 918Kiss itself. The main purpose of players coming here is to play and have fun.



When there are too many games on a website and betting platform application, will only lead to less satisfactory game quality. Vice versa, when only high quality games are allowed in the 918Kiss game catalog, The players will certainly get bored quickly and will not last long at an online casino.

We realized that there was a need for a way to meet the balance point between the players and the casino management. Fortunately, until today, 918Kiss remains on par with other leading online casinos around the world due to the large number of games and high quality. It doesn't matter who you are, You will definitely find a game that you are interested in because of the characteristics of certain games that are embedded in your feelings and hearts.



Maybe, you will meet the said games as listed below. The following shows the five best games that you should try at 918Kiss :-


silent samurai

This slot game known as Silent Samurai once went viral when it was launched once upon a time. This is because the game's graphics look very unique and do not reflect any of the betting games available at the time. In short, it is very beautiful and caught the attention of many players when it was launched.

The gameplay is based on a classic Japanese environment style. Like the character of a samurai who is known to many as a warrior in traditional Japanese times, the players are lucky to experience his lifestyle through this game. Besides that, players can enjoy attractive graphics and a traditional Japanese Samurai theme. This game is very suitable for fanatical fans of Japanese tradition and culture, nor samurai fans as well.


The game known as Battle World was also very popular in Malaysia and Singapore once upon a time. Behind the fierce fighting style and adrenaline that excites the players, it also seems to have a story line full of action and adventure. In fact, the public is always interested in the way the character named Wukong plays and his journey where his own character is adapted from the famous Chinese story 'Journey To The West'.

This game makes you immerse yourself in the story of warriors in the era of the Chinese empire thousands of years ago. Against the backdrop of the mountains of the Chinese mainland filled with clouds, You definitely feel like you are in the scene. Battle World rounds out your experience with quite a colorful game design in which red and green are the main colours. However, don't forget that you won't face enemies in this game because in fact Wukong's journey will be interrupted by a princess who seems to be evil.


Bonus Bear

There are many popular slot machine games available at 918Kiss casino. One of them is Bonus Bears. It is one of the slot games that promises a good return that is well known and built by the game developer Playtech. Many people ask why this game promises a very good return to the players. This is because the player needs to use the bear that is the main character in this game or any tree to get honey as food.

Every time that opportunity gets honey, players will be given direct bonuses in the form of hundreds of credits. These many credits will be used to make bets in slot games that they will encounter afterwards. sounds among the players agree that this game gives them a huge profit. What you have to remember in playing this game is that you have to choose one of the five trees that the bear wants to climb, and the chosen tree will determine how much honey it will eat and then determine how much credit you will get. However, Ada must always be careful with the threat of bees that can interfere with the bear's chance to do its job.


Da Sheng nao hai

This slot game, which is also called Ocean King, is one of the most popular attractions for both new and professional players. This is because the way the game is played is very easy and easy to understand. When it comes to the design of the game itself, it cannot be denied that the graphics of the game are very beautiful. Set against the backdrop of the marine life in the surroundings, You as a king in the ocean must do your best to get the best points.

How to get the best points? The trick is to eliminate living things that can threaten you, for example, squid and sharks. The more sea life you destroy, the more points you can collect and this in turn can affect the money you will win. Use the available weapons to ensure that this goal can be fully achieved.


Fortune Panda

Finally we will look at another best game owned by 918Kiss which is Fortune Panda. In this game, you have the living room and limit to win extra rounds. Therefore, you definitely have a greater chance of winning lucrative prizes. Even if you don't get the winning money, you will still get free bonuses and credits.

When it comes to the graphics of the game itself, it particularly attracts the attention of players who are interested in Asian animals such as panda bears that live in the forest with icon shapes based on things in our environment such as food, fruits, and musical instruments. Seeing the action of the panda will definitely make you feel funny and happy.


Apart from the game play already mentioned, there is much more fun to be had here, it's up to you to move according to the rhythm and pattern of each game. What is important is that you enjoy the fun to the fullest while profiting from the game.

You don't need to feel hesitant to try new games because there are bound to be things in them that you don't know but will surely bring real excitement in you later. Try today your 918Kiss! Good luck!

Is 918Kiss Safe To Play?




We expect that you have certainly thought about questions related to security and security issues while playing on websites or applications owned by 918Kiss. None of us will continue to play games in 918Kiss without first thinking about their personal and financial safety..

Including you, it is certain that you also do not want to accept any compromise related to your safety and security when you have decided to play at this online casino. not only the issue of money return which is a priority but also the issue of security should also be emphasized and this is the awareness among the management of 918Kiss.

In many online casinos around the world, 918Kiss also always adheres to the aspect of player safety regardless of the threats that will strike at any time. Not only prioritizing aspects of the design aspect, user satisfaction, smooth running of the system, and many more. 918Kiss also wants you to know that the issue of safety is a very important issue and cannot be ignored at all.

What is meant by the statement that this website and application owned by 918Kiss is safe for you to play? Is it just heart-warming or is it based on solid evidence?.

In this article we will look and discuss in detail what is meant by 918Kiss safe to play? So, without wasting time, we will see them one by one.



No matter in the past or in the future, when we talk about the use of the internet across countries, borders and continents, we cannot avoid talking about security issues that will arise, especially in cyber security issues. Because 918Kiss operates online and not through a real casino, will find that they have certain advantages but they also have to deal with problems that can arise and be done by irresponsible parties.

Exactly, Security issues that often occur today involve not only government agencies, but the accounts of individuals and businesses have also been adversely affected.. For, 918Kiss does not want this to happen to any of its properties, not to mention that it could bring misfortune to its users.

However, every challenge and problem certainly has its own solution. All the challenges faced by the 918Kiss online casino were successfully overcome with strategies and organized measures in the end.

Among the examples of problems successfully curbed by 918Kiss are like :

Hacker Attack


This is one of the security issues that are often the topic of conversation among netizens and people everywhere. It seems so easy for them to do this hacking attack, it happens without anyone's knowledge and if little or no security measures are taken then it is certain that what belongs to you on the Internet will belong to hackers in the blink of an eye. In this world there are not only individual based hackers, in fact, there are also organizations formed solely to do hacking activities.

Hacking attacks This is what the management of 918Kiss is worried about. Because the 918Kiss website and application have information for its users, we can't deny that he will always be the main grab and destination for hackers whether they are inexperienced hackers or those who have years of experience. This is because the personal information that is owned can be bought and sold and can ultimately lead to huge profits.

However, with the expertise of the security and technology team owned by 918Kiss, This threat has never happened to our casino until today, even guaranteed not to happen in the future. This is because this casino is equipped with a firewall system that restricts any suspicious data entry, especially that which is often used by hackers to carry out their mission..

Data Leak


Data leakage through either technical errors or deliberate mistakes is a cyber security issue that cannot be compromised anymore. Certainly, it will lead to a lack of trust and confidence among the users of the website or application. Do you still remember the event of data leakage of Facebook users where this happened only due to deliberate actions by Facebook itself as claimed by some certain parties? Many people are worried and upset about this, thinking that personal information is important to users.

The management of 918Kiss does not want to take this data leak lightly so it will never happen on any website or application belonging to 918Kiss after a long time cyber security efforts are taken. For them, The data and personal information that is the property of the user cannot be given to other people not only for the purpose of profit or non-profit, in fact, this is related to the principle of honesty and integrity. as an influential online casino, 918Kiss will not be involved in this at all.

For your information, many measures have been taken by 918Kiss to ensure that this never happens to you and other users. This is because every information processed at this online casino is strictly controlled by a 128-bit encryption system that is able to prevent it from being exposed to third parties.. In fact, for the money withdrawal transaction process, 918Kiss also works with efficient and secure online payment gateways such as iPay88 to ensure that your financial data is not compromised. This is the special feature that makes 918Kiss casino quite different from other online casinos like CKS99, WebbySlot, Lucky Nugget and many more.

Communication Shortcut


Cyber ​​security issues such as communication interception have actually been happening for thousands of years. We're not talking about cybersecurity, but communication barriers can occur either through a letter, verbal communication, nor communication is done by phone. Anyone who engages in communication role-playing activities will have the advantage of knowing what the contents of the discussions are being held among two or more people involved.. This problem is huge because it involves a violation of the right to privacy. In fact, it can endanger life and cause financial loss.

Today, called technology that cannot be thought of as easily, we cannot be oblivious to the important problem of communication through Internet platforms. But, We should be more vigilant because we realize that technology can easily defeat us. 918Kiss is also very concerned about this issue knowing that the betting industry is an issue that is not well known and accepted by many. It is not only the government that can try to do this activity, even online casino competitors have an equal chance.

Just like any other problem, this problem of communication interception has never happened at 918Kiss casino because of the strictness of the management and the IT security team in ensuring that your communication either with players is not known to others and remains confidential. This is the principle of 'transparency' that we strongly hold. In fact, Our customer service agents are also responsible for safeguarding personal information and any important information you provide to us.

Obstacle Yang Done by the Government

Talking about the betting industry which is an industry that is not well known and accepted by many, should be an awareness in us that the betting industry receives the effects of the law- the law is quite heavy in most countries, especially in Southeast Asia.

Realize that fact, not many online casinos can go through normal days without getting opposition and obstacles from the government that has power over the internet in a country. Anytime, 918Kiss online casino's website and apps are closed, blacklisted, and is no longer accessible. This is what worries our users. I can't forget the names of the leading online casinos of the past that have disappeared simply because they have been blocked by the government and all the fun in them can no longer be enjoyed.

However, This problem continues to be safe from happening to 918Kiss because we always move and operate safely based on IT and business strategies that have been arranged for long enough to maintain our existence as an online casino with a great reputation.

Phishing Websites

Many people think that these phishing websites are only limited to banking websites, finance and government alone. However, many scammers today have started trying to open illegal and illegitimate websites to resemble leading online casinos such as 918Kiss only with the aim of deceiving loyal users into making transactions such as depositing into wrong bank accounts.

This issue will undoubtedly bring significant financial losses, especially to consumers. And this at the same time will definitely lead to a decrease in the confidence and trust of the players in 918Kiss. 918Kiss is aware of this and always takes the first step in blocking any website that is reported to resemble a legitimate and official 918Kiss website or application..

918Kiss is aware of this and always takes proactive steps to block any website that is reported to resemble the website or proprietary application 918A legal and official kiss. Among them, the management will inform you about the fraud so that you are not deceived and our security team will try to claim the phishing websites to cancel their intentions.

Other than that, there are many more security issues that try to shackle us. The probability that you will face with these problems is not impossible. It will definitely happen at some point in the future but you won't know exactly when. What do you have to do? Definitely, you just need to be prepared and take the appropriate steps.

Steps Salvation Taken


On behalf of 918Kiss, The following are the security measures that have been taken to ensure that your safety as users while playing at 918Kiss remains secure and protected..

Forming an IT Security team consisting of technology and cyber security experts responsible for ensuring the cyber security of 918Kiss' websites and applications remains secure.

Instruct new users to have a valid and secure username and password to prevent parasitic users and bots from abusing 918Kiss.

Installing a firewall that acts to prevent any attempt to get in from outside the 918Kiss data system, especially by hackers.

Implement a 128-bit encryption system in an effort to prevent any party from attempting to intercept communications that occur between users and between customer service on the website and the 918Kiss application.

Strive to update on a large scale and regularly so that the 918Kiss security system continues to remain modern and reliable.

Have a customer service team To advise users who experience cyber security issues while using websites or applications related to 918Kiss. To learn more about how to prevent scams at 918Kiss, you can see 918kiss scam prevention protocol we're here


Already very clear, the safety of the players while using the website or application owned by 918Kiss will never be compromised by its management.

But even though there are various cyber security issues that often happen recently and may happen in the future, as security measures have already been taken by the management, for example such as forming an IT Security Team and installing software to curb the problems that have been mentioned just now.

Therefore, you as a user do not need to feel worried or afraid to use the 918Kiss website or application again because you will be given good service and your security will be guaranteedwhere do you comply with each terms and conditions for 918Kiss.

How To Withdraw Money Through 918Kiss


how to withdraw money from 918kiss


If you are currently or have read this article, chances are you might have won a huge amount of money at 918Kiss and are eager to make a withdrawal from your account. However, you don't know how you want to make those expenses. Do not worry! Today, we will explain to you how to withdraw winnings from your player account.


  • Downloading the 918Kiss App:

If you have not downloaded this application you can press the button below this article to download the application and find out how to download 918Kiss.

  • Register Your Player Account:

It just takes less than 3 minutes to register your account, please be aware of the terms and conditions of 918Kiss to avoid any confusion and problems in the future.


[ Online Transfer ]

918Kiss online casino allows players to transfer their winnings directly from their 918Kiss player account to their personal bank account within a (1) weekdays only. All you have to do is log into your 918Kiss account and click on the profile section and select deposit on the top right of your screen. You will see a button that says "withdraw" as shown in the image below.

Don't forgeta to fill in the required information in the correct fields and double check your account name and account number before you hit the send button. Please note that your bank account name must be the same as the name registered with the 918Kiss account. This is because players are not allowed to make withdrawals to third party bank accounts as stated in the 918Kiss terms and conditions..

Listed below the bank accounts that accept the transaction. If you do not have any of the listed bank accounts you can proceed by opening a bank account before opening your 918Kiss player account.

  • Maybank
  • CIMB Bank
  • Public Bank
  • RHB Banking
  • Hong Leong
  • AmBank
  • UOB
  • Bank Rakyat
  • OCBC Bank
  • HSBC
  • Islamic Bank
  • Affin Bank
  • Alliance Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • SCB
  • Agro Bank


  • 18 years and above is of legal age and accepted by 918Kiss online casino to engage in online gaming and betting. Players must provide their age when opening their account.
  • Please note that the minimum amount of money that players can withdraw is MYR50 and the maximum amount is MYR50,000, if you plan to issue less or more than the values ​​that have been set, You can contact our customer service on the right side of your screen.
  • The players may be asked or required to provide a copy of the identification card, front copy of debit/credit card, or any document as proof of personal identity for further security of your account.
  • The bank used for the withdrawal must have your full name. Players may not make withdrawals to third party bank accounts.
  • Please note that players must reach 1 times the turnover of the deposit amount before sending the withdrawal transaction request.
  • Some games require a time period of up to thirty (30) minutes to generate a sync time report, and therefore the player must make a withdrawal transaction after that period, to avoid automatic rejection by the system.

Once you have successfully submitted a withdrawal transaction request, you can leave the rest to our team to process your application as quickly as possible. If more than ten (10) minutes, please let us know by contacting our customer service team, because they will be ready to help you at any time.

918Kiss online casino is highly secure with features and a two-step authentication process. All information and processes held online are encrypted for security purposes and you can enjoy an unlimited gaming experience on this platform with the service customer service 24/7 available for you.

918kiss homepage


Players need not worry, angry or scared when withdrawing money from their 918Kiss account because this online casino has been in the market for a very long time which is more than five years. It has a very solid reputation in terms of player satisfaction and high security. We're here, 918Kiss always hopes that all players including you will have fun times while playing on this platform. Have fun playing!

Do not download 918Kiss yet, download now and start playing today!

918Kiss online casino is widely known especially in the Asian continent as a simple casino platform, popular and profitable. Not only that it has high popularity among players, it also always gives great rewards to the players in the form of bonuses, promotion, Free credits and exciting prizes. is part of the legitimate website used for this purpose where players can make deposits, play and make withdrawals easily and safely.