5 The Best Game You Should Try At 918kiss

5 The Best Game You Should Try At 918Kiss

We expect that you definitely expect the best from what South East Asia's leading online casino, 918Kiss, has to offer.. Not only in Malaysia, even in other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, 918Kiss website and app is well known as the best place for players regardless of age and community.

This is because the management of 918Kiss always prioritizes many things in ensuring user satisfaction is always preserved. Among other things is like interesting game design, functioning security system 24/7 and also friendly customer service.

However, The most important aspect that needs to be emphasized by the management is the quality and quantity of games available at 918Kiss. This is because, without games, will not be the real attraction on the website and application owned by 918Kiss itself. The main purpose of players coming here is to play and have fun.



When there are too many games on a website and betting platform application, will only lead to less satisfactory game quality. Vice versa, when only high quality games are allowed in the 918Kiss game catalog, The players will certainly get bored quickly and will not last long at an online casino.

We realized that there was a need for a way to meet the balance point between the players and the casino management. Fortunately, until today, 918Kiss remains on par with other leading online casinos around the world due to the large number of games and high quality. It doesn't matter who you are, You will definitely find a game that you are interested in because of the characteristics of certain games that are embedded in your feelings and hearts.



Maybe, you will meet the said games as listed below. The following shows the five best games that you should try at 918Kiss :-


silent samurai

This slot game known as Silent Samurai once went viral when it was launched once upon a time. This is because the game's graphics look very unique and do not reflect any of the betting games available at the time. In short, it is very beautiful and caught the attention of many players when it was launched.

The gameplay is based on a classic Japanese environment style. Like the character of a samurai who is known to many as a warrior in traditional Japanese times, the players are lucky to experience his lifestyle through this game. Besides that, players can enjoy attractive graphics and a traditional Japanese Samurai theme. This game is very suitable for fanatical fans of Japanese tradition and culture, nor samurai fans as well.


The game known as Battle World was also very popular in Malaysia and Singapore once upon a time. Behind the fierce fighting style and adrenaline that excites the players, it also seems to have a story line full of action and adventure. In fact, the public is always interested in the way the character named Wukong plays and his journey where his own character is adapted from the famous Chinese story 'Journey To The West'.

This game makes you immerse yourself in the story of warriors in the era of the Chinese empire thousands of years ago. Against the backdrop of the mountains of the Chinese mainland filled with clouds, You definitely feel like you are in the scene. Battle World rounds out your experience with quite a colorful game design in which red and green are the main colours. However, don't forget that you won't face enemies in this game because in fact Wukong's journey will be interrupted by a princess who seems to be evil.


Bonus Bear

There are many popular slot machine games available at 918Kiss casino. One of them is Bonus Bears. It is one of the slot games that promises a good return that is well known and built by the game developer Playtech. Many people ask why this game promises a very good return to the players. This is because the player needs to use the bear that is the main character in this game or any tree to get honey as food.

Every time that opportunity gets honey, players will be given direct bonuses in the form of hundreds of credits. These many credits will be used to make bets in slot games that they will encounter afterwards. sounds among the players agree that this game gives them a huge profit. What you have to remember in playing this game is that you have to choose one of the five trees that the bear wants to climb, and the chosen tree will determine how much honey it will eat and then determine how much credit you will get. However, Ada must always be careful with the threat of bees that can interfere with the bear's chance to do its job.


Da Sheng nao hai

This slot game, which is also called Ocean King, is one of the most popular attractions for both new and professional players. This is because the way the game is played is very easy and easy to understand. When it comes to the design of the game itself, it cannot be denied that the graphics of the game are very beautiful. Set against the backdrop of the marine life in the surroundings, You as a king in the ocean must do your best to get the best points.

How to get the best points? The trick is to eliminate living things that can threaten you, for example, squid and sharks. The more sea life you destroy, the more points you can collect and this in turn can affect the money you will win. Use the available weapons to ensure that this goal can be fully achieved.


Fortune Panda

Finally we will look at another best game owned by 918Kiss which is Fortune Panda. In this game, you have the living room and limit to win extra rounds. Therefore, you definitely have a greater chance of winning lucrative prizes. Even if you don't get the winning money, you will still get free bonuses and credits.

When it comes to the graphics of the game itself, it particularly attracts the attention of players who are interested in Asian animals such as panda bears that live in the forest with icon shapes based on things in our environment such as food, fruits, and musical instruments. Seeing the action of the panda will definitely make you feel funny and happy.


Apart from the game play already mentioned, there is much more fun to be had here, it's up to you to move according to the rhythm and pattern of each game. What is important is that you enjoy the fun to the fullest while profiting from the game.

You don't need to feel hesitant to try new games because there are bound to be things in them that you don't know but will surely bring real excitement in you later. Try today your 918Kiss! Good luck!

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