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As the world moves towards an increasingly sophisticated technological age we cannot deny that we will probably always make mistakes from time to time no matter how great and how sophisticated the tools we have. We should realize that we are still living in an era that requires us to improve and improve what we have.

This is so that we are not easily influenced by tricks and tricks that can only be done by anyone on this earth. Fraudulent activities or can be known as 'scams' that occur on the Internet is something we always hear about at a constant rate.


Like a weapon that is too powerful, Scamming activities with an effort to gain profit from users who have no time to know have caused huge losses, whether from the users or from the developers of certain websites..

918Kiss website will never avoid such problems. However, it cannot be used as a form of excuse by the developer and management just to pursue profit and the number of customers only. But, when customer satisfaction and the quality of service provided is not as advertised then it will only bring harm in the long term.

918Kiss is very committed to ensuring that this scamming activity can be avoided or transferred through the means that have been done before and also through the monitoring done according to the plan that has been prepared. In addition to taking care of its customers, this action is also done to ensure that the image and good reputation that 918Kiss has had so far is not easily damaged by fake news and inaccurate information about this leading online casino..

Therefore, These fraud prevention measures are included for your perusal, either while using the official 918Kiss website or app so that you are aware and aware of the risks and plans available to combat this problem.


Aware of the fact that we need to be proactive and always ready to face any form of obstacles and challenges that may arise in the future, we have outlined the steps below in an effort to protect our websites and applications from counterattacks by scammers whether experienced or new :


Did you know that we have installed firewall software which is a 'network' security system to ensure that it can monitor and control data traffic entering and leaving the 918Kiss website that you use based on the security rules that our security team has set earlier.

Therefore, A firewall works to act as a barrier between a trusted 'network' and an untrusted 'network'. If you find there is any of our 918Kiss website that indicates that it is not trusted (not trusted) then know that it is definitely not under ours because it must have its own formula system. The website you own is always installed with a firewall system so that you don't feel in doubt about your security when using our online casino services.


Did you know that the 918Kiss website you are using also has an SSL security license that allows it to be supplied with a 128-bit encryption system. This inscription system means that this site has a data and file inscription technique that uses a 128-bit key in order to 'encrypt' or 'decrypt' some data or files that are here.

This is one of the most secure inscription methods ever used by any algorithm and technology. It is often considered by many to be quite difficult to break and penetrate, making the 918Kiss website immune to scammers who try to crack the code of personal information owned by 918Kiss users..


As a website of caliber, we realize that the system of user accounts and passwords that need to be in place during the user registration process is the best step in preventing 'scam' activities from spreading on the 918Kiss website or application.

This is because we believe in this system, it can limit how many accounts a person can use at any one time. This prevents scammers from using various types of accounts simply to make a profit or to use any user account belonging to other people without their valid permission.. This usually happens when the user account does not have a unique password.


As mentioned in the 918Kiss terms and conditions, the management is always responsible and has the right to ask the players to provide personal information to verify that they are the real user using the account now. Among the personal information that is always requested is the ID number, passport, driving license and any related.

This verification process is also common for any online casino around the world. In fact, Social media developers and financial institutions also need this information to facilitate smooth deposit and withdrawal transactions. You do not need to worry about the security of your personal information because it will only be used for this process and will not be misused by 918Kiss..


We also move a step further by hiring people who will be 'watchdogs' or monitor the actions of any scammers who are active outside of our control from day to day. We realize that not only the websites and applications owned by 918Kiss are targeted by scammers, they are also responsible for developing fake sites with a design and identity that is very similar to 918Kiss..

Therefore, through this strategy, we can ensure that the security forces can take early action against those who commit such acts. These monitors are also on duty as the ones who watch our players playing on the official 918Kiss website if there is any suspicious activity being done there..


Also, as a user on the 918Kiss website or application, you should not neglect your responsibility to implement measures to prevent scam activities that can make you their target as well..

You should remember and be aware that 918Kiss will not provide any form of refund for any value lost from you due to your negligence when doing transaction processes with parties that are not part of the 918Kiss online casino.. Listed below are some actions you can take to prevent this from happening to you :


Due to the sophistication of technology available today, Many scammers can do their work in just a short time. However, you also as a user have the right to be smarter than them by making sure and checking in advance the online casino page you visit. You may find that the link at the top of your web browser is the same one you always use.

If it is different, it is most likely that the name belongs to scammers and not to the official 918Kiss. If you decide to check the design or interface of the fake site, you may not be able to tell the difference between the fake site and the real one because they are very cunning in making sure you are fooled by the fake site they develop.


There are many scammers out there who pretend to be agents on behalf of 918Kiss, especially to help you do the withdrawal process or do the registration process through the agent.. You need to be careful because not all agents who serve on behalf of 918Kiss are real appointees because some of them are only doing it for the sole purpose of fraud. Always be careful.

To prevent this from happening, It is advised that you should not seek the help of an agent who comes to you without even being asked by you. Vice versa, you should seek the help of an agent listed by 918Kiss itself. Most of the time, These real agents will only help you if you ask for such things and not the other way around.


The installation of a unique and secure password begins when you perform the registration process when first using 918Kiss. For any account though, whether for social media or financial institutions, It is definitely recommended to set a password that you have not used before, or by the public as well.

This is to prevent scammers from successfully guessing what password you use for your 918Kiss account. This action can prevent the money in your account from being transferred to the account belonging to scammers. This will certainly avoid huge losses on your own part. Keep your password in a safe place.


Not forgotten, you should also get official and up-to-date information from 918Kiss itself, especially from customer service when you are faced with certain problems, for example if you want to withdraw money from your account.

This is because they are the responsible party and have the real power to help you in issues related to the 918Kiss online casino.. In the same time, you will reduce the risk of being deceived by people who want to take advantage if they get the wrong information. To get service from our customer service, you don't have to worry about getting their help anytime because there is always a customer service team on duty and ready to serve your request.


There's no denying that the threat of scammers is rampant these days. However, parties 918Kiss always strives at all times to ensure that your safety, safety of your money, and the security of your information always remains preserved with us.

We always take continuous measures to ensure that what you own does not fall into the hands of scammers who only want to profit from their scams.. At the same time you should also carry out your responsibilities because what we do does not fully guarantee the security is there forever.

918Kiss, which is the leading online casino in Asia, is always at the forefront of developing technological advances for you. We will never find an excuse to leave your safety up to the criminals out there. We greatly appreciate the time and trust you have placed in us, therefore we promise to always do our best to curb this problem in the future and become the most trusted online casino.

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