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918kiss online casino is always the first choice for all online casino fans in Asia because of its high profitability and entertainment value, not to mention the fact that 918kiss remains the safest online casino gaming platform in the region to date. Before we continue, You need to download and install 918kiss online casino app to your device from google play store or Apple store. We will provide a step by step guide on how to register an account from 918kiss and deposit and withdraw money from 918kiss. You will get access to play the top games on 918kiss once you register an account. It has 2 ways to deposit and withdraw your money from Mega888 i.e. local banks and cryptocurrencies.

Instant Transfer

Depositing Money via Instant Transfer

Mega888 allows players to transfer their winnings immediately from their Mega888 profile to their personal bank account as fast as one working day after the winnings are accumulated, the instant transfer method is the fastest method through the deposit and withdrawal process at Mega888 online casino. Players are required to deposit money into their Mega888 online casino wallet before they can spend money as credit to play slot games, live table games, and fishing games available on the Mega888 platform.

To do so, simply login to your Mega888 account (and if you don't have an account, just take the time 5 minutes to register), then click on the deposit button placed on the top right corner of your screen when you are using the Mega888 App on your mobile. From there, Enter the amount of money you want to deposit and then go through the required security checkpoint.

Instant Transfer Withdraw

Withdraw Money via Instant Transfer

When playing at Mega888 or other online casinos, players may have the opportunity to earn money from winning prizes. All the games found on the Mega888 gaming platform offer players great opportunities to earn net profits just by playing, be it Mega888 slot game, live table game or fishing game.

If players want to withdraw money from their Mega888 wallet, look for the withdraw button on the deposit page and then do the same procedure as you did when depositing money to your Mega888 wallet. However, if you are new to online casinos, You may want to note that minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts exist and are imposed on all players to prevent fraudsters from exploiting the online casino.


Depositing and Withdrawing Money with Cryptocurrency

918kiss online casino allows players to go through the deposit and withdrawal process in cryptocurrencies as easily and quickly as using the instant transfer method. To take advantage of this service, cryptocurrency owners interested in 918kiss should create their own crypto wallet and add your crypto ID to their 918kiss account.

Blockchain technology is used in the online gaming platform 918kiss to secure cryptocurrency wallets, and it is an essential tool when dealing with cryptocurrencies online because Blockchain can be thought of as a software wallet that is easy to set up and provides the benefits of security of owning currency. Furthermore, Decentralized blockchain, meaning that there is no central authority that controls it.

Immediately after being taken care of, the desired amount will be transferred to your 918kiss wallet with no additional steps required. The amount will be based on the price of the cryptocurrency at the time the transaction was made, which will be decided based on the coin value.

This is the same for cryptocurrency withdrawals from your 918kiss online casino wallet as well. To withdraw cryptocurrency, just login with your ID, click the withdraw button, then select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw from the drop-down menu that appears.

For more detailed information on the step by step withdrawal and deposit process, You can click the live chat button to request payment Connect to customer service support.

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